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A simple man with a humbling faith- In God and people. Pastor Abraham Varghese would have wanted us to stop his introduction there. But if you take a moment to chat up his congregation they wouldn’t be able to stop with just a sentence. Palpably genuine; compassionate; unforgettably concerned; a ministry characterized by over-whelming love are few of the descriptions that people who know him like to confer him with. But one common description that you will hear time and again is his guileless, almost child-like faith in people and their potential- no matter their past. From the simple way he ends his message on Sundays with his “I love you all” to his non-judgmental approach to the community, Pastor Varghese exemplifies the pattern for overwhelming love set forth by Jesus and makes him the ideal Shepherd for a global community of people from different ethnicities and background that congregate at Masihi Mandir.

He is committed to teaching the eternal truth in such a compassionate manner that individuals will be open to receive, comprehend the message, and apply the principles for transformation and thanksgiving. He is a 24 hour servant-leader guiding church members in following God’s plan of abundant life as outlined in His Word. Called by God to be His representative in leading the body of believers in Masihi Mandir, living a Christ-centered life is at the core of his teachings. A musician, he ministered with ICPF Angelos, spearheading the music band’s entry along with his fellow band-mates into colleges and dormitories, winning a new generation for Christ. He also ministered with Philadelphia Fellowship Churches in Rajasthan, India and Sports Outreach India as its Kerala Coordinator. After moving to the US, and armed with a vision from God while living in Indiana, he and his wife Ancy started Masihi Mandir in 2005 in Edison, New Jersey.